Our vision is to train social scientists who adopt universal values and who are entrepreneurs, researchers and creative.


Our mission is:

·     To value communication and co-operation in-department, in-house and between partner institutions,

·     To produce projects via inter-disciplinary cooperation,

·     To provide training for postgraduate specialty using modern and powerful education technologies,

·     Aiming applicable projects for the needs of sectors and the society,

·     To be in a struggle for enlightening solutions to the problems of the society with scientific and artistic accumulation using the technological opportunities via cooperating with national and international universities.


The aims of the Social Sciences Institute related to the teaching of the conducted programs and based on the vision and mission are as follows:

·     To provide interdisciplinary academic sharing and interaction.

·    To increase the number of elective courses by rearranging the syllabuses in order to improve the quality of the courses and to serve specialties.

·     To receive support from applications and pragmatists of education programs.

·    To enable to completely and uneventfully lead the process that starts with the admission of the student to the Graduate School of Social Sciences and lasts until the completion of their education.

·      To make the student consultancy system more functional.

·     To increase national and international academic events (such as conferences, panels, symposiums, workshops, etc.)

·    To provide effective communication and cooperation with national and international training and research institutes.

·   To provide effective communication and cooperation with national and international universities and research institutes.

·     To reach the level that enables any technical equipment opportunities to our instructors and students.

·     To provide students with education opportunities via international exchange programs and to increase the number of students attending these exchange programs.

·     To provide instructors with opportunities of academic work abroad.

·     To conduct common programs with international universities.

·     To prepare the required infrastructure works for online education.

·     To keep the Graduate School website up-to-date and make it equipped.

·     To also prepare the Master’s and Doctoral theses that meet the needs of applications and pragmatists.

·     To realise an effective communication and cooperation with industry.

·    To enable to conduct and to fully determine the processes between the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Departments.

·     To take advantage of technology for the communication between the Graduate School and the Departments.

·     To create a Graduate School Library.

·    To improve the academic study discipline which obeys codes of conduct and scientific rules for our students when preparing their Master’s and PhD theses.

·   To raise social scientists and artists who are sensitive of their society, institution and environment and who are constructive and creative.

·    To give professional ethics insight to its graduates.

·    To prove students with the ability to follow the modern professional approaches and to use the professional tools, methods and approaches.

·    To apply the education procedures in accordance with the requirements of globalisation.

·    To improve relations with Non-Governmental Organisations and take part in Corporate Social Responsibilities.

·   To equip our graduates with the ability of effective communication in society and professional life and of working well-adjusted in team work.

·   To create and maintain an organisation that supports an effective communication system in order to form and share the Graduate School culture.

·   To reach the graduates of our Institute and enable their after-graduation process monitoring.