Thesis Format Check
Students should make an appointment with one of the research assistants in order to complete the final thesis format check. Please do not make more than one appointment. Click on one of the names to make an appointment. 
Res. Asst. Tuğba Özbek (Monday)
Res. Asst. Banu Süer (Wednesday)
Res. Asst. Mahmut Bilgetürk (Friday)
Note: The accuracy of the thesis according to "Graduate School Thesis Writing Guide" should be checked for the final submission to the Graduate School. You should have the print-out of the thesis prepared according to the regulations in "Graduate School Thesis Writing Guide" with you as you come for the thesis format check appointment. The thesis print-out that you bring for the appointment can be monochrome(black-white) and duplex. The approval page of the thesis should be signed in accordance with the thesis template.